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, Claire Wyldbore | Catering

We have talked to Claire Wyldbore from Claire Cooks. She fills private yachts in Monaco and Cannes, intimate weddings and everything else in between with her delicious food. Her home-cooked style...

, Euroline International Event Catering Services | Catering

## A catering for Istanbul, by Erkan Helvaci from Eurolines International Events ### 1. Can you give us 3 tips for an entrepreneur who wants to hire a catering? In event catering, the...

, Neuman’s Kitchen | Catering

## Jackie Tan, from Neuman's Kitchen in new York, reveals the secrets of a good catering Neuman’s Kitchen ([NY]( is in the business of helping our clients tell their...

, neventum

## Masters of Luxury Amsterdam The opening night of the first [Masters of LXRY]( (then known as Millionaire Fair) took place in December 2002 in the Amsterdam Passenger...

, Rubens Hospitality | Catering

## A catering for Masters of LXRY. the recommendation of Maurice Rubens, from Rubens Hospitality ### What is your experience on Mastrers of LXRY? I worked there for different companies. At...

, Euroline International Event Catering Services

EVENT AND EXHIBITION CATERING IN TURKEY   We offer event catering services in Turkey to foreign compaines, organizations, event planners and exhibitors for their Turkey-based international...

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